Terry McGinnis: high school student, boyfriend, older brother, and oh yeah, Batman of Neo-Gotham.

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Batman Beyond Universe #25 by Matteo Scalera

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Women of Neo Gotham
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for projectbatmanbeyond who won a giveaway on my RP blog

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can we make the batman beyond comic about terry and his friends again? that would be greeeeat

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Like me, Yvan Quinet has always been interested in what a live-action Batman Beyond film would be like. So he worked on these conceptual pieces and I gotta say that Batman Beyond suit is incredible. 

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YES. Finally getting the Terry McGinnis/Batman Beyond lovin’ out of my system. KARN messaged me and we decided to do a Batman Beyond art jam and it was totally the break I needed from school. I didn’t intend to color it, but I wanted to try out my new brush settings forreal this time!

Ahhh, I’m satisfied. Now I can spend the rest of my weekend doing homework and preparing for finals.

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I drew Batgirl Beyond (designed by Annie Wu). Coming soon to fuck shit up in a comic near you.

FUCK. YEAH. This is amazing. Thank you.

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